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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewsmannews‧man /ˈnjuːzmæn $ ˈnuːz-/ noun (plural newsmen /-men/) [countable]  someone who writes or reports news for a newspaper, radio, or television
Examples from the Corpus
newsmanYet he showed early promise as a newsman.Many prisoners who actually had been newsmen had suffered serious abuse.Dancing newsmen have been done to death.My case can attract no eager newsmen.There were railway patterns in its drapers' shops, and railway journals in the windows of its newsmen.Adds Northern newsman Charles Coffin: There is not much order.A throng of newsmen, accompanied by their photographers, left the hall in pursuit of the vanished Amaranth.A throng of politicians, newsmen, brokers, and Army officers stood in front of the counters that encircled it.
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