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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewspapermannews‧pa‧per‧man /ˈnjuːspeɪpəˌmæn $ ˈnuːzpeɪpər-/ noun (plural newspapermen /-men/) [countable]  someone who writes or reports news for a newspaper syn journalist
Examples from the Corpus
newspapermanStraus was Ickes's alter ego a newspaperman, a liberal, a fighter, a curmudgeon.Murdoch is a newspaperman, which is something for other newspapermen to remember and value.For one thing, he was an easterner; for another, he was a newspaperman.Broadcasters and newspapermen alike were almost unanimous in their representation of the people's view on Lord Haw-Haw's fate.It would be difficult to overstate how important a figure this Baltimore newspaperman was in the world of wine.And he retains the sense of wry humour which he reckons every newspaperman needs, if only to keep him sane.There was no better candidate then Ickes's close friend, fellow newspaperman, and faithful subordinate, Mike Straus.
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