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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewsstandnews‧stand /ˈnjuːzstænd $ ˈnuːz-/ noun [countable]  SHOP/STOREa place on a street where newspapers and magazines are sold
Examples from the Corpus
newsstandAway to the still-empty land beyond newsstands and malls and velvet restaurant ropes!There was a big newsstand behind the policemen, and he thought of buying a paper.The first issue hit newsstands May 30.These cards have recently appeared on newsstands all over London.The premiere issue came out Wednesday but is not available on newsstands.I was told one flight was full, and left the gate to mooch around the newsstands.She hoped his maps were more up to date and accurate than the one she had bought at the newsstand.The staff revolted, Elliott locked them out of the Time Out offices, and the magazine vanished from the newsstands.
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