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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewsworthynews‧wor‧thy /ˈnjuːzˌwɜːði $ ˈnuːzˌwɜːrði/ adjective  NEWSimportant or interesting enough to be reported in newspapers, on the radio, or on television newsworthy events
Examples from the Corpus
newsworthyAnderson had done it before and so, according to my colleagues it wasn't newsworthy.It has to be noted that gaol conditions are no longer newsworthy and the clamour for reform has largely faded.But to Profumo's bad luck, other newsworthy circumstances were available to salt the story.Reporters can not be everywhere and so press releases can help to ensure that newsworthy events receive the publicity they deserve.It would really be newsworthy if I had seen the left side move while the left brain was being stimulated.It is the most newsworthy item since the Dodgers failed to sell out their playoff games.Near misses are certainly much less newsworthy than injuries or deaths.Very little that was newsworthy was said at the conference.
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