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NewtonianNew‧toni‧an /njuːˈtəʊniən $ nuːˈtoʊ-/ adjective  HPrelating to the laws of physics that were discovered by the scientist Isaac Newton Newtonian mechanics
Examples from the Corpus
NewtonianIndeed, is the Newtonian billiard-ball world computable?A Newtonian dashpot also behaves in a predictable manner.Although the Newtonian equations governing the elements are well known, long-term weather prediction is notoriously unreliable!In the Newtonian limit of small velocities and so these equations become.According to Newtonian mechanics the orbital decay for an isolated binary consisting of compact stars is expected to be immeasurably small.This theory is now subsumed by Newtonian mechanics.The hard core of Newtonian physics is comprised of Newton's laws of motion plus his law of gravitational attraction.Such an account can not be given anyway, even in strictly Newtonian terms.
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