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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnextnext1 /nekst/ ●●● S1 W1 determiner, adjective  1 AFTERthe next event, day, time etc is the one that happens after the present one, or the previous one I just missed my flight to Chicago. When’s the next one? We’ll look at the proposals at the next meeting. Over the next couple of months, try to relax more and get more exercise.next week/year/Monday etc We’re hoping to open the factory sometime next year.the next day/week etc (=on or during the following day, week etc) She called me and we arranged to meet the next day.(the) next time Next time I go skiing, I’ll wear warmer clothes.2 NEXT TOthe next house, room, place etc is the one that is nearest to where you are now Turn left at the next corner. We could hear them arguing in the next room. next to3 AFTERthe next person or thing in a list, series etc comes after the one that you are dealing with now Read the next two chapters before Friday. Do they have the next size up (=a slightly bigger size)?4 next biggest/most common etc5 the next best thing6 the next thing I/she etc knew7 as the next man/personTHESAURUSnext happening or coming immediately after another oneWhen does the next train to London leave?I’ll see you next Saturday.following happening or coming immediately after something – used about periods of time, or parts of a piece of writingWe met the following day.The following weeks passed quickly.the following pages of the booksubsequent formal happening or coming at some time after something elsethe subsequent success of the filmThis will be explained in more detail in subsequent chapters.This figure is expected to rise steeply in subsequent years.succeeding coming after someone or something else – used about a series of groups of people, periods of time, or parts of a booksucceeding generationsSucceeding governments have made the same mistake.During the succeeding weeks he wrote several more letters.coming happening soonThe information will be mailed to members during the coming weeks.The villagers are storing up wood for the coming winter.
Examples from the Corpus
next week/year/Monday etcGwinnett school officials say they fear the same fate when they turn to voters for more money next year.He would have earned $ 10 million next year.Helms, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he would hold hearings on the bill next week.Hern's lease of the royal stables at West Ilsley in Berkshire is to cease next year.The first rally is expected to be held next week.The Datavision business is expected to make about £5m next year, but then to escalate sharply.The School Board next week is expected to meet in executive session and determine how much it can afford to offer.In autumn, youngsters will be urged to collect conkers, ash keys and acorns to grow next year's seedlings.next size upIf in doubt, get the next size up.
nextnext2 ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 AFTERimmediately afterwards With John here, you never know what will happen next. Next, put it in the oven for 20 minutes.2 FIRSTthe next time When I next saw her she completely ignored me.
Examples from the Corpus
nextCan you remember what happened next?Retribution spawns revenge and the president is up next.Everyone started fighting and someone threw a bottle. I forget what happened next.What do I do next?Which of the candidates shall we interview next?First you need to select the text you want to move. Next, click on the "Move" command at the top of the screen.First, chop up two large onions. Next, fry them until they are golden brown.Heat the chocolate until it melts. Next, pour it into the molds and leave to cool.I smiled at them and one came over and sat next to me and asked me who my favourite Spice Girl was.A few seconds later, Erma Bombeck gave up her first class seat and slid into the coach seat next to me.Note: click the arrow, next to the corresponding level of course, for more information.A building next to the lab was being demolished.Danang was pushed next to the sea and all the land around it had been stripped of trees.Such children are likely to be more comfortable right next to their teacher than joining in the unstructured games of childhood.Her brightening of mood seems largely inspired by the light bulb she has been standing next to.
nextnext3 ●●● S3 W3 pronoun  1 AFTERthe person or thing in a list, series etc that comes after the person or thing you are dealing with now What’s next on the shopping list?the next to do something Who will be the next to go?2 the day/week etc after next3 the next to last4 next (please)5 be next in line
Examples from the Corpus
nextJamie was next in line.the next to do somethingA large fishery based on the Georges Bank off Massachusetts was the next to close.Darnley himself was the next to die.Knight was the next to fall - straight into the safe hands of Hick, off the bowling of Benjamin.We would be the next to follow in the great man's footsteps.Does this mean that King's Pond will be the next to go?That unsettled them all and made them wonder who would be the next to go.The towering, gilded replica of the Goddess of Liberty was the next to go.Will he be the next to go?
NextNext trademark  a British shop which sells fashionable and good-quality clothes for adults and children. There are Next shops in many UK towns, but the company also sells some of its products by means of a catalogue, the Next Directory. Customers can order goods from the catalogue by telephone.
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