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next-door neighbour

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnext-door neighbournext-door neighbourNEXT TOthe person who lives in the house or apartment next to yours next-door
Examples from the Corpus
next-door neighbourHe could be the next-door neighbour, a friend, a blood relation.It's a compliment, by the way: Philippa is my next-door neighbour and startlingly beautiful.For the past year, she has suffered from incontinence, but her kind next-door neighbour has done regular washing for her.I haven't had any trouble with him personally, but my next-door neighbour has.Could some one tell my next-door neighbour, Mrs Timms?Her next-door neighbour, Philippa, was sitting on the draining-board kicking her legs up and down.Next time you chat with your next-door neighbour, you are relieved to find that you don't fancy him.
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