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next of kin

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnext of kinnext of kinformalFAMILY your most closely related family We’ll have to notify the next of kin of his death. kinnext of kinˌnext of ˈkin ●○○ noun [plural, uncountable]  your closest living relative or relatives May I have your name, address and next of kin, please?
Examples from the Corpus
next of kinWe only give out names if we know that relatives and next of kin have been informed.Urgent plans were being made at the London office to fly next of kin to Katmandu tomorrow.All that will be sorted out by the social workers who are trying to find his next of kin.Instructions for my next of kin and executors upon my death.His identity is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.He would want to write a letter to Stephen's next of kin, if such a person existed.Social workers are still trying to find the victim's next of kin.In cases like that it's the next of kin they want.If there is no Will, the next of kin should decide.
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