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next to nothing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnext to nothingnext to nothingvery little He knows next to nothing about antiques. next to
Examples from the Corpus
next to nothingPhil earns next to nothing.For he was obliged now to concentrate on what he was doing, even if it was next to nothing.I know next to nothing about Belinda, but I must ask him how she died.We know next to nothing about philosophy thanks to television, but lots about the nocturnal habits of cute animals.My parents know next to nothing about the men I date.I learned next to nothing at school - the teachers were awful.It was nuts-and-bolts work, with a salary next to nothing, but he was prepared to bear the sacrifices.Its high rise flats are steeped in monotonous poverty: families survive on next to nothing, heroin is a hard currency.A drive down Highway 880, past the Coliseum complex, reveals next to nothing new.The company's profits climbed from next to nothing to $6 million in just two years.It costs next to nothing to go to an afternoon movie.
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