Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: 'stupid', from Latin nescius 'lacking knowledge', from nescire 'not to know'


nice S1 W2


pleasant, attractive, or enjoyable:
They've got a very nice house.
Did you have a nice time?
It's such a nice day (=good weather), why not go for a swim?
look/taste/smell nice
You look nice in that suit.
Mm, something smells nice!
nice big/new/long etc
a nice long holiday
a nice new car
nice and warm/clean/easy/quiet etc
The house seemed nice and tidy.
One of the nice things about Christmas is having all the family together.
! You can use nice and followed by another adjective after be The weather was nice and warm. But before a noun you must leave out 'and' a nice hot (NOT nice and hot) drink


friendly, kind, or polite:
Dave's a really nice guy.
That's not a very nice thing to say about your sister!
nice about
Tim spilt wine all over the sofa, but Martha was very nice about it.
nice to
They were very nice to me while I was ill.
it is nice of somebody (to do something)
It was nice of you to help.
He told me, in the nicest possible way, that I was interfering too much.

something you want

used to say what you like or what you think would be good or useful:
It's quite nice to live so close to work.
it is nice to do something
It would be nice to have a break.
that'd be nice (=used to accept an offer or agree with a suggestion)
'Would you like a cup of coffee?' 'Yes, that'd be nice.'
I thought it would be a nice idea to send them some flowers.
It would be nice if you could let us know in advance.
4 spoken

it's nice to know (that)

used to mean that you feel happier when you know something:
I still haven't heard any news - it would be nice to know what's happening.
It's nice to know that there's someone nearby if she needs help.
5 spoken

have a nice day!

American English used to say goodbye to someone, especially to customers in shops and restaurants when they are leaving
6 spoken

nice to meet you

used as a friendly greeting when you meet someone for the first time:
Hello. It's nice to meet you at last.
7 spoken

(it's been) nice meeting/talking to you

used when you say goodbye to someone you have met for the first time
8 spoken

not nice

British English used in a humorous or angry way when you really think that something or someone is not at all good or pleasant:
That's a nice way to treat a friend, I must say!
Well, we're in a nice mess now.
9 spoken

nice try

used when someone has made a guess or suggestion, or has attempted to do something, to say that it is good, but not quite correct or successful:
'We could phone Mark to come and pick us up.' 'Nice try, Clive, but we haven't got his number.'
10 spoken

nice one!

British English used when someone has just said or done something clever, amusing, or helpful:
'Dad said he'd help pay for it.' 'Nice one!'

be (as) nice as pie

British English if someone is as nice as pie, they are not angry with you when you were expecting them to be

nice work if you can get it

British English used humorously to say that someone has a very easy or enjoyable job, especially one which you would like to do


formal involving a very small difference or detail:
a nice point of law


old-fashioned having high standards of moral and social behaviour:
What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

nice ... shame about the ...

British English used when saying that part of something is good or well done, but a more important part is bad or badly done:
Nice video, shame about the song.
niceness noun [uncountable]
The first thing you noticed about him was his niceness.

➔ no more Mr Nice Guy!

at guy (5)
person: lovely, pleasant, charming, sweet, adorable

thing/place/activity/time: lovely, pleasant, delightful
similar words: nice, considerate, thoughtful, sympathetic, benevolent, compassionate, gentle

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WORD FOCUS: weather WORD FOCUS: weather
good weather: sunny/fine used to describe weather or a day when there is a lot of sunshine
/lovely/glorious very sunny and good
if the weather is bright, the sun shines strongly
there isn't a cloud in the sky
the sky is completely clear
if the weather is dry, it does not rain
sunny and not windy or rainy - used especially in weather forecasts

rain: wet/rainy/damp used to describe weather or a day when there is a lot of rain
if the weather is unsettled, it keeps changing and it often rains
light rain which consists of very small drops of water
a short period of rain
a short period when it suddenly rains very heavily

it's pouring down British English/it's pouring rain American English it is raining very hard
it's drizzling
it is raining a little, with very small drops of rain

snow: snowy used to describe weather or a day when there is a lot of snow
a mixture of snow and rain
a mixture of partly melted snow and ice
/hailstones frozen drops of rain, that fall as drops of ice
a storm with a lot of snow and strong wind
white powder that covers the ground when it is cold

wind: windy used to describe a day or weather when there is a lot of wind
very windy

breeze a gentle pleasant wind
(in the Atlantic Ocean) /typhoon (in the Pacific Ocean) a violent storm with extremely strong winds

cloudy: cloudy used to describe weather or a day when there are a lot of clouds in the sky
/dull cloudy and not bright
if the sky is overcast, it is very cloudy and dark, and it is likely to rain
not clear, especially because there is a slight mist caused by heat or smoke

hot: boiling/scorching/sizzling/blazing/burning/baking/broiling (hot) extremely hot
very hot and humid
a little hot, in a way that is pleasant
pleasantly warm, with a gentle wind blowing
a period of unusually hot weather

cold: freezing (cold) extremely cold
extremely cold, usually with a lot of ice and snow
cold and snowy or rainy, like the weather in winter
if the air is crisp, it feels cold but pleasantly fresh and clear
a little too cold, in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable
a little cold, in a way that is pleasant
cold snap
/cold spell a period of unusually cold weather

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