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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnice-lookingˌnice-ˈlooking adjective  BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGattractivegood-looking a nice-looking young man a nice-looking car
Examples from the Corpus
nice-lookingOne of the Flemings' neighbours was outside, polishing his car, a nice-looking Audi.Ramon's a nice-looking boy.I suppose he's quite nice-looking, but he's not really my type.Spraying is necessary, particularly against fungal diseases, to have a decent harvest of nice-looking fruit every year.Chris is a nice-looking guy with a good sense of humor.He wore white shoes, a dark shirt and lariat tie, a nice-looking panama hat.It was, anyway, a nice-looking piece of paper.a nice-looking saladShe had pretty hair and must have been nice-looking when she was young.He was about her own age, she guessed, nice-looking, with a pleasant open face and blue eyes.My mother was always a nice-looking woman.
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