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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnicelynice‧ly /ˈnaɪsli/ ●●○ S3 adverb  1 wellGOOD/EXCELLENT in a satisfactory, pleasant, or attractive way He was handsome and nicely dressed. The table fits in nicely with the rest of the furniture. The wound healed up nicely. The garden’s coming along very nicely now (=it is growing well).2 NICEin a pleasant/friendly way in a pleasant, polite, or friendly way I’m sure he’ll help if you ask him nicely.3 be doing nicely4 that will do nicely5 exactly formalEXACT exactly or carefully a nicely calculated distance
Examples from the Corpus
nicelyAnn dresses her children nicely.His arm is healing nicely.His assistants were keeping up with it nicely.Turn the fillets and cook until nicely browned, 2 to 3 minutes longer.The importance of the calls was demonstrated nicely by Dorothy Cheney and Robert Seyfarth.The cover shot nicely evokes the bewilderment felt when climbing in Ordesa.The apartment was big, spacious, and nicely furnished.If you ask Daddy nicely, I'm sure he'll give you some.Even these should fit nicely if you did your planning carefully.Each new water molecule fits nicely into a space on the ice surface.The government says farmers are doing nicely, thank you, and that savings in agricultural cooperatives are rising.The airy, delicate fronds contrast nicely with the rough, heavy rocks.coming along ... nicelyRelievers have looked like they're coming along nicely.The other Hove pups are coming along nicely.We have Billy Reagan, too, who is coming along nicely.Your deck should be coming along nicely now, with the structure in place.Her tan was coming along nicely, she thought, which she had expected.
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