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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnicetyni‧ce‧ty /ˈnaɪsəti/ noun (plural niceties)  1 [countable usually plural]DETAIL a small detail or point of difference, especially one that is usually considered to be part of the correct way of doing something social niceties legal nicetiesnicety of the niceties of political diplomacy2 to a nicety
Examples from the Corpus
nicetyThis is a nicety, perhaps with no practical consequences.Records of clothing and the other necessities and niceties of life are scanty.That way, constitutional niceties will be respected.Trade missions, diplomatic niceties, hurried journeys between here and Moscow, the lot.Occasions arise when there is no time for niceties, and Schubert was usually to the fore at such times.It did help that in those years Janir cared nothing for household niceties.The car includes such niceties as a cassette deck and bucket seats.Tourists observe the niceties of correct dress while viewing the Matterhorn.
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