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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishniftynif‧ty /ˈnɪfti/ adjective informal  USEFULsomething that is nifty is good because it is clever, skilful, or effective a nifty little gadget for squeezing oranges
Examples from the Corpus
niftyIt's a nifty computer game that teaches math skills.He scooped up the heavy wet snow, digging hard, his mind ticking through the mechanics of a last nifty illusion.In order to see the nifty new designs, users downloaded copies of Netscape Navigator by the millions.a nifty pair of sandalsOr quicker still, send a couple of nifty passes upfield - and you soon learn where your team-mates are.Still, I think I would have endured it to use those nifty pompons just once.This when nifty postcards of the planet are available at every convenience store, tourism agency and souvenir shop.Hit the Target: Gamble on this nifty subgame.I find that the front-runner for the Labour leadership, after some nifty trade union footwork, is John Smith.
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