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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnigglingnig‧gling /ˈnɪɡəlɪŋ/ adjective  1 niggling doubt/worry/suspicion etc2 a niggling injury or problem is a slight one that does not go away
Examples from the Corpus
nigglingWe flew back to Heathrow; it had not been a happy trip for me, full of niggling and snide remarks.There was, however, a niggling doubt in the minds of some of the jurors.The suspect seemed to have proved his innocence, but a niggling doubt remained in my mind.a niggling doubtAlways, in the background, in the dim recesses of her mind, there had been that niggling doubt.However, the fabulous goal-kicker is now much more mobile than he was last year when a niggling groin injury affected him.Croft took a year's sabbatical to recover from a string of niggling injuries and is now raring to go again.Another niggling problem is their inconsistent approach to repeats.Lowell felt a niggling sense of betrayal.Nor did it remove the niggling suspicion that Isabel was hiding something.I couldn't shake off a niggling worry. Had I forgotten to lock the office door?
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