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night/darkness/dusk falls

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnight/darkness/dusk fallsnight/darkness/dusk fallsDARKif night etc falls, it starts to become dark at the beginning of the night It grew colder as night fell. Darkness had fallen by the time we reached home. fall
Examples from the Corpus
night/darkness/dusk fallsThe lights came on as darkness fell on the city.And this becomes more intense as night falls.As darkness falls an eerie voice Whines beware, beware, beware.As dusk falls crowds of people walk towards the town to meet the tanker.I drain it, pack my bags, close off the propane, and before dusk falls reluctantly board up the cabin.As night falls the houses light up one by one, and smugglers move stealthily about in the moonlight.As darkness falls the immortal sounds of John Hurley will be heard in the upstairs Bar.As night falls, the scene changes.As night falls, there are nightclubs and discos for those with lots of energy left.
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