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nightclubnight‧club /ˈnaɪtklʌb/ ●○○ noun [countable]  DLa place where people go to dance and drink, which is open late at nightRegisterIn everyday English, people often say club rather than nightclub:Do want to go out to a club afterwards?
Examples from the Corpus
nightclubThe first link features Linda Fiorentino as a nightclub chanteuse who seeks refuge in a church from a possessive ex-boyfriend.We have a nightclub act in central Massachusetts where we sing while drawing caricatures of audience members.On the first evening the young men got drunk and tried to get into a nightclub but were refused admission.However two of the possee went over the fence in an attempt to get to a nightclub in Bristol.I wan na open me up a nightclub.In Co Longford a district court judge urged local nightclubs to close for a week.Top wedding: Two pensioners celebrate their wedding on Saturday at a top nightclub.
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