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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnightlynight‧ly /ˈnaɪtli/ adjective  REGULARhappening every nightdaily the nightly talk shownightly adverb The band plays twice nightly in the bar.
Examples from the Corpus
nightlyHe went the rounds of other bedrooms, to bestow his nightly blessing on the women residents.Barring the nightly message of encouragement captain Kardar stuck to his bathroom mirror, there were no instructions from the skipper.It would be more profound, more telling and considerably more painful than even what the nightly news has served.The chapel is open to the public until midnight, after nightly prayer.The nightly rigmarole of getting her settled is finally over.The nightly shows were professional, fresh, well lit and beautifully costumed by Bob Mackie.It could even, in a pinch, get him off the hook for the nightly walk to the monument.
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