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nimbusnim‧bus /ˈnɪmbəs/ noun (plural nimbuses or nimbi /-baɪ/)  1 [countable, uncountable] technicalHEM a dark cloud that may bring rain or snow2 [countable]x-ref a halo
Examples from the Corpus
nimbusHer face was framed by her Pamela bonnet, a nimbus of straw trimmed with pink ribbons and blue silk anemones.She was cross legged, bare breasted, her hair around her head like a nimbus.Then we were higher still and the earth curved away from us, showing a nimbus of atmosphere at its edge.All around the head of the minister-with-the-film-star looks was a nimbus, or brightly-shining halo.A nimbus of light had collected there, spinning gently.They seemed to glow in the flickering green-gold gold light, as if embraced by a holy nimbus.The tilted eyes of the others gives the doctor his heroic, questing mien, his humourless nimbus.
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