Language: Old English
Origin: nigontig, from nigon 'nine'


Related topics: Numbers
1HMN the number 90

the nineties

[plural] also the '90s, the 1990s the years from 1990 to 1999:
America was far richer in the nineties.
the early/mid/late nineties
The industry received a lot of bad publicity in the early nineties.

be in your nineties

to be aged between 90 and 99
early/mid/late nineties
My grandfather was in his early nineties when he died.

in the nineties

if the temperature is in the nineties, it is between 90 degrees and 99 degrees
in the low/mid/high nineties
Temperatures were still in the high nineties.
ninetieth adjective:
her ninetieth birthday

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