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nitric acid

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nitric acidni‧tric ac‧id /ˌnaɪtrɪk ˈæsɪd/ noun [uncountable]  PMWHCa powerful acid that is used in explosives and other chemical products
Examples from the Corpus
nitric acidThe major Billingham-based production includes ammonia, nitric acid, urea and both straight nitrogen and compound fertilizers.The men were injured in March last year when seven cubic metres of concentrated nitric acid escaped from a valve.Some found bathing the patient in a bath of nitric acid to be efficacious!Deposition of nitric acid in particular may contribute to the equation as a fertiliser as well as a pollutant perse.Some of this increase can be attributed to the evaporation of remaining nitric acid from the condensed phase as temperatures rise.Results of the autumn and spring nitric acid measurements are shown in Fig. 2, together with total column ozone data.The nitric acid assures good electrical conductivity.The nitric acid solution is then mixed with an organic solvent and the uranium and plutonium are separated from the waste products.
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