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nitrogenni‧tro‧gen /ˈnaɪtrədʒən/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  HCEHEa gas that has no colour or smell, and that forms most of the Earth’s air. It is a chemical element: symbol N
Examples from the Corpus
nitrogenGlobal warming occurs when carbon dioxide and some other gases, such as methane and nitrogen oxides, accumulate in the atmosphere.But close examination showed that species intolerant of acid conditions or high nitrogen levels were not reappearing.Both countries would also limit nitrogen oxide emissions through stricter controls on motor vehicles.The very low abundances of volatiles and especially the low nitrogen abundance all pose special problems.Peas and beans put nitrogen into the soil.Large explosions heat vast masses of the atmosphere to such high temperatures that nitrogen is partially burned to make toxic nitrogen oxides.On reflection, I think we made the nitrogen bands rather too wide.Aerozine 50 was used as the fuel, with nitrogen tetroxide as the oxidizer.
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