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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnono1 /nəʊ $ noʊ/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 NOused to give a negative reply to a question, offer, or request opp yes ‘Are you Italian?’ ‘No, I’m Spanish.’ ‘Do you want any more?’ ‘No thanks.’ ‘Could you help me write this?’ ‘No, sorry, I haven’t got time at the moment.’ He wanted to take me to a disco but I said no. Sixty percent of people voted no. If you’re asking whether I feel the same way about her, the answer is no.SPOKEN PHRASES2 DISAGREEused to say that you disagree with a statement ‘You’re always complaining about work.’ ‘No, I’m not!’3 AGREEused to say that you agree with a negative statement ‘They shouldn’t drive so fast.’ ‘No, it’s really dangerous.’4 used to tell someone not to do something No, Jimmy, don’t touch that switch.5 SURPRISEDused to show that you are shocked, surprised, annoyed, or disappointed by what someone has just told you, or by what has just happened ‘She’s nearly fifty.’ ‘No, you’re kidding!’ Oh no, I’ve lost my wallet!6 used to correct what you have just said He’s the director, no, the assistant director, of the company.7 won’t take no for an answer8 NOTused before comparatives to mean ‘not even a small amount’ I’ll pay you $75 and no more. You’re no better than the rest of them. no longer at long2(7)
Examples from the Corpus
no"Is Cindy married?" "No, she's not."So, has evolution been proven true? Strictly speaking, no.Neumann said he voted no because the management misled him.Game fortunately is no longer a one or two season phenomenon.They can no longer hunt properly and so are utterly dependent on us.Conrail no longer owns the New York-Washington line.For a start people no longer spend so much time in their cars; at least not driving.At last the goodbyes could be postponed no longer.Linda played no small part in the orchestra's success.She's 45? No, you have to be kidding!No thanksI saw a broken ribbon of rock across empty space. No thanks.C: No thanks to your snail stuff at top of order, lad.Oh noBut now I instinctively thought, Oh no you didn't Ollie, you didn't resign, you got sacked.Oh no , you forgot to put the baking powder in!
nono2 ●●● S1 W1 determiner  1 NONE/NOTHINGnot one or not any There’s no food left in the fridge. No trains will be affected by this incident. a house with no central heating There’s no excuse for that kind of behaviour.2 FORBIDused on signs to say that something is not allowed No parking No smoking3 in no time4 there’s no doing something5 NOTused to emphasize that the opposite of a particular description is true That girl’s no fool (=she is intelligent). Larry’s no friend of mine. If he has to do it all himself, it will be no bad thing (=a good thing). a question of no great importance
Examples from the Corpus
noThere are no buses on Sundays.He has no control over his children.Some athletes have no intention of getting an education while they're at college.Do you mind having black coffee? There's no milk.There are no more classes until Monday.There's no more milk.No parking.a very plain room, with no pictures on the wallWe've had no rain for three months.He just started hitting her for no reason.I knocked on the door, but there was no reply.There was no room in the car for anyone else.No smoking.There are no tickets available.
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nono3 noun (plural noes)  1 [singular]NO a negative answer or decision The answer was a definite no.2 PPV[countable] a vote against a proposal in parliament
Examples from the Corpus
noLeeAnn's answer was a definite no.The answer has to be a resounding no.Even in the canton of Geneva, an internationalist bastion, 58.9 % said no.The noes have it.
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No.No. (also no.) (plural Nos., nos.)HMNthe written abbreviation of number Mozart’s piano concerto no. 27
From Longman Business DictionaryNo.No. (plural Nos.) written abbreviation for NUMBER
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