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no amount of something can/will etc do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno amount of something can/will etc do somethingno amount of something can/will etc do somethingEFFECT/INFLUENCEused to say that something has no effect No amount of persuasion could make her change her mind. amount
Examples from the Corpus
no amount of something can/will etc do somethingBut no amount of bashful cuteness can disguise its humourless narcissism.But no amount of money can buy what Nakamatsu really wants -- lasting fame.It is due to the inefficiency of the Government which no amount of Budget bribery can possibly erase.So implausible, so achingly out of touch are they, no amount of Toytown trickery can disguise their ancient irrelevance.The key is in the cooking; no amount of marinating will tenderize a tough cut of meat.Therefore, no amount of personality can compensate for mediocre chili. o Judging chili is very personal and subjective.Translation here must be indeterminate because no amount of evidence will guarantee that the translation we offer will be uniquely correct.Voice over April's pursuing compensation though no amount of mony can make up for what she's lost.
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