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no better

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno betterno bettera) not better than something else or something before The following day the weather was no better. b) used to say that something is the bestthere is no better way/example/place etc There’s no better way of exploring the region. better
Examples from the Corpus
no betterIf you turned to domestic politics, the news was no better.In fact, it was no better and no worse than other Air Force major commands.Conditions were no better in the cities.Nearly a decade later, our educational system was no better off than it had been when the commission issued its report.Caffeine received no better press in the twentieth century.Experts agree that in reality, the company looked after the workforce no better than most other employers of that time.Havvie Blaine, for all his name and lineage, was no better than Terry Rourke.The problem with network computers is that they are no better than the networks they are connected to.
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