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no contest

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno contestno contestinformalWIN a) spoken used to say that someone or something is the best of its kind I think you’re the best rider here, no contest. b) if a victory is no contest, it is very easy to achieve contest
Examples from the Corpus
no contestIn April, Sharpe pleaded guilty to possessing a crack pipe and no contest to attempted aggravated assault.At present there is no contest for the five and threes enthusiasts in the county although there is a national competition.The study excluded cases in which defendants pleaded guilty or no contest, and it did not involve new interviews with defendants.The company also pleaded no contest to falsifying its records to hide the illegal contributions.Unocal later pleads no contest to 12 criminal counts filed by the state and agrees to pay a $ 3 million fine.In the end, it was no contest with the Cardinals beating the Mets 9-2.Hooker, Glynn Mann got them back into it and after that there was no contest.There was no contest between the levers.And of course there were no contested elections.
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