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no doubt

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno doubtno doubtTRUEused when you are saying that you think something is probably true No doubt you’ll have your own ideas. She was a top student, no doubt about it (=it is certainly true). doubt
Examples from the Corpus
no doubt about itOh yeah, I was blocking; no doubt about it.Schleiermacher had no doubts about it: it was the fundamental axiom of his whole system.The budget cuts will hurt, no doubt about it.Nuri had had a good idea, no doubt about it, and many people picked up on it.With regard to the 1990 figures, there was, as Vogelmann put it, no doubt about it.Created by the Schumi team There's no doubt about it - sleek hair shines on!That's what people want, there's no doubt about it.There's no doubt about it!Sure, the real thing ruining this city is the war, no doubt about it.
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