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no end

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno endno endspoken informalLOT/VERY MUCH very much Your letter cheered me up no end. end
Examples from the Corpus
no endMany own luxury homes with swimming pools and no end of household gadgets.Strictly speaking, of course, there are no ends in animal life for a Darwinian.Now the room was quite dark, it looked vast, like a black cave that had no end.But production has slumped by 45 percent because of the plunge in demand - and there's no end in sight.If it continued, they could see no end to the war.Was there no end to the trouble the child could cause?Working the land was hard, and there was no end to it, despite a deceptive freedom.In the end, there was no end to the strife, though neither Hooke nor Huygens produced a true marine timekeeper.
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