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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno-frillsˌno-ˈfrills adjective [only before noun]  a no-frills product or service includes only basic features and is not of the highest possible quality no-frills accommodation
Examples from the Corpus
no-frillsa no-frills airlineTry the smaller, no-frills airlines for cheap late flights.The network discovered that many of us like our no-frills beer, our Cheetos and our thrills cheap.The meeting was held at a no-frills hotel 30 minutes from corporate headquarters.The retreat was held in a no-frills hotel about thirty miles from the corporate headquarters.
From Longman Business Dictionaryno-frillsˈno-frills adjective [only before a noun]MARKETING no-frills products or services are very basic and cheapa bill requiring banks in the state to offer low-cost, no-frills checking accountsIt went from being a no-frills discount carrier to a single-class, first-class airline.
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