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no good/not much good/not any good

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno good/not much good/not any goodno good/not much good/not any gooda) not useful or suitable One lesson’s not much good – you need five or six. ‘I could come next week.’ ‘That’s no good. I’ll be away.’no good/not much good/not any good for The land here isn’t any good for agricultural crops.no good/not much good/not any good to You’re no good to me if you can’t drive a car. b) of a low standard or level of ability The movie wasn’t much good. Is the new headteacher any good?no good at (doing) something I’m no good at speaking in public. c) morally bad Stay away from Jerry – he’s no good. good
Examples from the Corpus
no good at (doing) somethingThe funny thing is that I am no better at real golf.They specialize in the big picture and are no good at details.Nor did he want botany and zoology, he'd be no good at them.Andrew was no better at getting to grips with the worsening situation, Fergie complains now.Besides, he was no good at bluffing.I was no good at that.She was no good at discussion or argument anyway. that wasn't her strong point.They were no better at picking out the faces they had seen before than the untreated subjects.
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