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no less

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno lessno lessa) used to emphasize that an amount or number is largeno less than By 1977, the USA was importing no less than 45% of its oil. b) used to emphasize that the person or thing you are talking about is important or impressive Our awards were presented by the mayor, no less. The message came from no less a person than the prime minister. less
Examples from the Corpus
no lessYet priorities are no less a matter of concern here than in other areas.It is no less barbaric than killing people on a street corner.And now ... Ace's face was no less expressive.One could remain in life, in the selfless performance of secular tasks, and arrive no less securely at the goal.This helped Airtours generate no less than £8m in interest alone during the year.And if his comparison was contrived, it is no less valid for that.Housman's style is no less vulnerable to the distortions of the rhymed quatrain.
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