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no matter

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno matterno matterspoken formal or old-fashionedUNIMPORTANT used to say that something is not important and will not affect a situation ‘I’m afraid I forgot to bring a towel.’ ‘No matter, I’ve got one you can borrow.’ matter
Examples from the Corpus
no matterNo matter what position he plays, he'll be a great asset to the team.No matter, I'll pick up the clothes at the cleaners tomorrow.The one who will never stay behind, no matter how exhausted he is.Paul always calls me every day, no matter where he is.Businesses are a key customer of education, no matter what schools think of that concept.No military general would willingly send his army into battle untrained and ill-prepared, no matter how well-equipped.The algorithm or the general calculational procedure-is just the same no matter how large the numbers are.I found acceptance in my music, so -- no matter what I was -- they liked my music.Dad was determined to get to the truth, no matter how long it took.All are welcome no matter if you only have a small plot.I never win, no matter how hard I try.I'm determined to go to New York, no matter how much it costs.
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