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no matter how/whether/what etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno matter how/whether/what etcno matter how/whether/what etc (also no matter the ...)SAME used to say that something is true or that something happens whatever the situation is Feeding a baby is a messy job no matter how careful you are. I’m determined to visit Japan no matter what it costs. He visited her every day no matter the weather. matter
Examples from the Corpus
no matter how/whether/what etcThroughout the century, no matter what the current literary rage, Contemporary Romances have maintained a quiet, yet devoted audience.But inside the Forum, no matter how lopsided the talent levels, the setting alone made it great.But the algorithm is the same finite set of instructions no matter how big the numbers.Another 10 percent or so will vote Republican, no matter what.My priority is to drive the business, bring in the revenue, no matter what it takes.As devoted parents, they want to stand by their son no matter what happens.The Universe is one organic whole, no matter how diverse and widely differing its manifold aspects may seem to be.
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