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no matter what

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno matter whatno matter whatspokenCERTAINLY/DEFINITELY used to say that you will definitely do something I’ll call you tonight, no matter what. matter
Examples from the Corpus
no matter whatActually, no matter what happens to the business cycle, people will continue to eat and to get sick.Frequent cancellations, no matter what the excuse, make a diva seem a dangerously risky investment.Throughout the century, no matter what the current literary rage, Contemporary Romances have maintained a quiet, yet devoted audience.No matter how it manifests itself, no matter what the cause, it's bad news, believe me.Children benefit from knowing that they will be cared for and loved, no matter what their performance in school.They had to get out, no matter what the weather, and run around the car five times.I found acceptance in my music, so -- no matter what I was -- they liked my music.Dinah tells her she will always have a friend to turn to, no matter what trouble she may find.
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