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no mean feat/achievement/task etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno mean feat/achievement/task etcno mean feat/achievement/task etcDIFFICULTsomething that is very difficult to do, so that someone who does it deserves to be admired They sold 1 million cards in the first year of business – no mean feat, given the problems many businesses are facing. mean
Examples from the Corpus
no mean feat/achievement/task etcBut that was no mean achievement.For an immigrant boy this marital alliance was no mean achievement.Given that there are some 20,000 such fastenings in a boat of this size, this is no mean feat.In particular the notion that nurse training is for the young and for women only must be dispelled; no mean task.In this case it was no mean task.This is no mean feat as the statute has 108 sections divided into 12 separate parts, together with 15 schedules.This is no mean task, especially if they have not been doing any recruitment for the past few months.On Tuesday Invergordon Distillers reported a marginal improvement in underlying profits, no mean feat given the difficulties facing the whisky sector.
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