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no more something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno more somethingno more somethingused to say that something will or should no longer happen No more dreary winters – we’re moving to Florida. more
Examples from the Corpus
no more somethingGive me one kiss and I will think of your saucy appeal against me no more.The Profitboss does so much and no more, knowing his limits.At its end, the current process will leave broadcasters no more spectrum than they now have.But formidable capital cost stood in the way of such improvements, and irrigation remained no more than a theoretical possibility.Customers now expect to have a satellite finished and ready for launch in no more than a year and a half.We also have it that effects do no more than dependently necessitate their causal circumstances.John-Augustus tried to josh himself into accepting that his own bout was no more than that.
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