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no more ... than

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno more ... thanno more ... thanNOTused to emphasize that someone or something does not have a particular quality or would not do something He’s no more fit to be a priest than I am! more
Examples from the Corpus
no more ... thanBob Dole Wednesday, is that no more than 16 percent of independents will vote.The moon still hung in the sky but was no more now than a white stain.For no more than church religion did public religion live up to what its creeds professed.He resented Michael Banks, but no more than he resented anyone else more famous than he was.For the believer the Kingdom as a heavenly reality is no more than one generation away.They were no more than survivals from the past.For perceived health values there were five items; no more than two responses were allowed to be missing.
no more thanno more thana) SUITABLEused to say that something is not too much, but exactly right or suitable It’s no more than you deserve. Eline felt it was no more than her duty to look after her husband. b) (also little more than)IMPORTANT used to say that someone or something is not very great or important He’s no more than a glorified accountant. He left school with little more than a basic education. more
Examples from the Corpus
no more thanWe were standing no more than 10 yards away from the scene of the crime and we didn't realize it.It was little more than a scratch.Here, then, no more than a few points in passing.The two year ban which he received has been no more than a minor inconvenience to him.David watched the car drive slowly away, until it was no more than a speck in the distance.It all came from the idea that a woman was no more than a useful object for a man.And no more than one in twenty earned a college degree.Historical incidents were no more than superficial disturbances of the established order or recurring events of unchanging significance.But they do not necessarily conclude that a thing is no more than the sum of its attributes.Dunbar had said no more than the truth, the archers could do it all.Keep it brief no more than two typed pages.It's no more than you deserve.
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