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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno-nonsenseˌno-ˈnonsense adjective [only before noun]  SERIOUS/NOT JOKINGvery practical and direct, without wasting time on unnecessary things syn down-to-earth his no-nonsense attitude to business
Examples from the Corpus
no-nonsenseAs the child subjected him to a solemn, no-nonsense appraisal, Ashley's heart began to hammer behind her ribs.Jason, with his no-nonsense approach, has been an asset to the project.Arthur Ransome illustrates how a matter-of-fact tone can match the no-nonsense approach of children; and so on.People were catching on to his folksy, well-informed, no-nonsense approach.no-nonsense black jeansBrouillet's dishes, on the other hand, are innovative without stuffiness, no-nonsense cuisine with flair.Top-quality, no-nonsense fish and chips in the heart of Marylebone.A disciplinarian, a no-nonsense guy.The commissioner was a hard-working, no-nonsense kind of guy.She had always had grey hair, scraped back into a no-nonsense knot and wore baggy knitted suits.It had a strong, no-nonsense ring about it.Mathews is a no-nonsense veteran of the police department.
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