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no ... /nothing on earth

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno ... /nothing on earthno ... /nothing on earthNONE/NOTHINGused to emphasize that you mean nothing at all Nothing on earth would have persuaded me to go. There’s no reason on earth why you should tell him. earth
Examples from the Corpus
no ... /nothing on earthNo city on earth is quite like it.No nation on earth takes greater pride in its moral heritage than the United States.Obviously I couldn't mime to a voice of seventeen years ago, no way on earth!But at the time, with my dad as he was, there might have been no such place on earth.Further, no nation on Earth presently has the ability to launch manned lunar missions.Gazza's goal convinced Maradona there is no greater player on earth than the irrepressible Geordie.There is no excitement on earth like it.Oh no ... what on earth was there to cry for?
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