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no one

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno oneˈno one, no-one ●●● S1 W2 pronoun  PERSON/PEOPLEnot anyone syn nobody No one likes being criticized. There’s no one else I really want to invite apart from you. Has no one phoned about the car? No one can say I didn’t warn you.GRAMMAR: NegativesDon’t use another negative word such as ‘not’ or ‘nothing’ after no one. You say: No one did anything to help. Don’t say: No one did nothing to help. USAGE: No one, none of, neither ofDon’t use ‘of’ after no one. Don’t say: no one of us | no one of his parents You use none of when talking about a group of three or more people: None of us saw him.You use neither of when talking about two people: Neither of his parents went to the wedding.
Examples from the Corpus
no oneNo one could remember her name.Lucian writes like no one except himself.But that is exactly what no one is now willing to do.What the purpose of the paintings was, no one knows for certain.The vendor will almost certainly say that no one knows more about the business than the management.A glance at the assembled guests told him what he already knew - that no one looked quite as good as he did.But no one really knows what it means.But no one seemed to anticipate what has happened in the last two years.The mangoes grew wild on Tioman; no one seemed to claim them as private property.I tried calling last night, but no one was home.
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