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no problem

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno problemno problemspoken a) WILLINGused to say that you are happy to do something or for someone else to do something ‘Can I bring a friend?’ ‘Sure, no problem.’ b) THANKused after someone has said thank you or said that they are sorry ‘Thanks for all your help.’ ‘No problem!’ problem
Examples from the Corpus
no problem"Would it be all right if I leave work a bit early tomorrow? I've got a dentist's appointment." "No problem - thanks for letting me know."A cold roof in winter causes no problems."Can you have the car ready for me by 5 o'clock?" "No problem, sir."I have no problem playing against him now.The Board of Supervisors should have no problem approving the proposal."Thank you for coming all the way out here." "No problem, lady."If so, there is no problem.Theoretically, eliminating poverty and underdevelopment in the region should pose no problem.Landing on the beach presented no problems, though finding a passage through the kelp beds near the shore took some time."Could you get me down that box on the top shelf?" "Sure, no problem at all.""Could you pick some bread up at the store?" "Sure, no problem."Waterproofness: no problems in various weather conditions.There were no problems of early clogging or dislodgement."Thanks for letting us stay with you." "No problem."
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