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no reason

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno reasonno reasonspokenNONE/NOTHING used when someone asks you why you are doing something and you do not want to tell them ‘Why d’you want to go that way?‘ ’Oh, no reason.' reason
Examples from the Corpus
no reasonI wake up during the night for no reason. 7.There is no reason to be fatalistic.There is no reason why a policeman should not be regarded as the victim of this conduct.``Why do you want to go that way?'' ``Oh, no reason.''There's no reason why it shouldn't have worked.There s no reason whatsoever we shouldn't be thinking in terms of the championship anyway.I see no reason why they should not be.But there was no reason why she shouldn't enjoy a bit of company for the rest of the journey.There was no reason for this other than a certain unwillingness to emerge from our bond trading shell.
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