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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno-smokingˌno-ˈsmoking adjective  non-smoking
Examples from the Corpus
no-smokingRespondents wanted the office to be kept tidy and records well organised, and no-smoking areas allocated.Most restaurants and cafes have set aside small no-smoking areas but won't be enforcing the rule.Most have no-smoking areas or designated smoking rooms, but more than half the companies still without restrictions reported less tolerance for smokers.Most restaurants and cafes have set aside small no-smoking areas.The third floor was a no-smoking floor or I think I might have started smoking again after six years' abstinence.These treats are free and are available to all smokers in our company during this no-smoking month.The company has a no-smoking policy in all its offices.The arbitrary rules grated on Wirk, but it was the no-smoking requirement that eventually precipitated her departure from the fellowship.Wirk and her husband once paid $ 1,500 each for violating the no-smoking rule.There were big no-smoking signs on all the walls.I sat down with the Financial Times and tried to count how many people were actually smoking underneath no-smoking signs.
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