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no trouble

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno troubleno troubleused to say politely that you are happy to do something for someone ‘Are you sure you don’t mind?’ ‘It’s no trouble.’ The kids were no trouble (=used to say you were happy to look after them because they were well-behaved). trouble
Examples from the Corpus
no troubleHardy had said he'd be no trouble.The Celtics had no trouble getting second and third shots.My life fell apart, but he had no trouble picking up the pieces and forged ahead with a new woman.But Berg is a wily writer who has no trouble whipping up something sweet and satisfying from this unpromising set of circumstances.Of the four new breeds, three are in no trouble providing they are well looked after.The Sibyl, too, had some cake for him and he gave them no trouble.Either way it meant a walk to Snodland or Cuxton to catch a train so walking that extra was no trouble.Oh yes, it was no trouble.
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