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no worries

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno worriesno worriesBritish English spokenYES used to agree to what someone wants and to say that it will be no problem ‘Can you deliver on Thursday?’ ‘Yeah, no worries, mate.’ worry
Examples from the Corpus
no worriesAnd he'd no worries, I know.Chief Superintendent Len Wise says he has no worries about the brewery being involved.He represents the Shinagawa area of Tokyo, and so has no worries about offending farmers.Lyle, as a former winner, has no worries on that score.You've no worries about equipment, administration, staffing or supplies.Alone, with no worries, lie whistled.Low voltage lights are widely available and simple to install with no worries about safety.With no worries of visits from secret police, we laughed and joked the night away, drinking wine and plum brandy.
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