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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnoblyno‧bly /ˈnəʊbli $ ˈnoʊ-/ adverb  1 GOOD/MORALin a morally good or generous way that should be admired They chose to die nobly rather than to betray their king.2 nobly born
Examples from the Corpus
noblyShe was rich and nobly born and powerful.For non-residents, other than the nobly born and well connected, it is less informative.But Richard at first refused, arguing that he was as nobly born as his brother.Well and nobly did... his gallant troops hold their own...But my duty is to sacrifice myself to save the army which has so nobly done its duty to defend Vicksburg.Conservatism had been nobly employed dissolving the state into the people, he explained in his warm, dreamy way.Granted this authenticity even for the symbol, she came back the next day, nobly escorted.Foreman sacrificed nobly for what he believed was right.All were noble goals, nobly stated.
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