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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnobodyno‧bod‧y1 /ˈnəʊbədi $ ˈnoʊbɑːdi, -bədi/ ●●● S1 W2 pronoun  1 PERSON/PEOPLEno one I knocked on the door but nobody answered.2 like nobody’s business be nobody’s fool at fool1(5)GRAMMAR: NegativesDon’t use another negative word such as ‘not’ or ‘nothing’ after nobody. You say: Nobody came.Nobody said anything. Don’t say: Nobody didn’t come. | Nobody said nothing.Don’t use ‘of’ after nobody. Don’t say: nobody of them | nobody of his parents You use none of when talking about a group of people: None of them saw him.You use neither of when talking about two people: Neither of his parents went to the wedding.Nobody is written as one word. Don’t write: no body
Examples from the Corpus
nobodyThere's nobody home.
nobodynobody2 noun (plural nobodies) [countable]  UNIMPORTANTsomeone who is not important and has no influence I was a nothing and a nobody with everything to prove.
Examples from the Corpus
nobodyNo one wanted to be a nobody, and no one wanted to go home.Glazer went from being a nobody to being paid $2 million a year to play.Since the Republicans ran a nobody, Kelly was sure he could have won after all.He was a nobody in the Philadelphia court.The bloke is the original no-hit nobody.How patiently you tangle with wry triangles, clothing the family of nobodies who loiter in our dark.
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