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nodenode /nəʊd $ noʊd/ noun [countable] technical  1 HBPthe place on the stem of a plant from which a leaf or branch grows2 JOIN something TOGETHERa place where lines in a network cross or join3 a part of a computer network where messages can be received or sent4 HBa lymph node
Examples from the Corpus
nodeIt proceeds as follows: Choose random values for all the weights of all nodes.If external input activated any node in the cluster, the cluster activity as a whole could be increased.These links represent relationships between nodes.Such networks are relatively easy to construct because they require fewer nodes and interconnects than other networks.Typically, the net contains many nodes, but each node only has a few inputs: N is quite small.Each node's output in the middle layer is connected to just one node in the top layer.Each link object specifies some source node, link type, target node, pointers to paragraphs, and perhaps other attributes.The now green stem becomes swollen at the nodes rather like bamboo.
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