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nodulenod‧ule /ˈnɒdjuːl $ ˈnɑːdʒuːl/ noun [countable]  STICK OUTa small round raised part, especially a small swelling on a plant or someone’s bodynodular adjective
Examples from the Corpus
noduleEach nodule has an opening into the gut through which the eggs reach the lumen.The purpose of the Enterprise is to involve Third World countries in mining nodules and give them a share in the profits.But many of the companies interested have a potentially redundant nodule mining technology on their hands.The fish is preserved in a siltstone nodule, which has partially formed around the body of the fish.The nodules in which the worms live first appear at about two months from infection.While nodules are loose deposits, lying on the sea bed, sulphides are massive deposits below the ocean floor.Laparotomy showed duodenal scarring with enlarged lymph nodes in the pyloric and duodenal areas and white nodules in the liver.The more pathogenic species in ruminants occur in the subtropics and tropics and are associated with nodule formation in the intestine.
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