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nomadno‧mad /ˈnəʊmæd $ ˈnoʊ-/ noun [countable]  SAa member of a tribe that travels from place to place instead of living in one place all the time, usually in order to find grass for their animals
Examples from the Corpus
nomadI would take it from any nomads.A restless corporate nomad, Bollenbach has held jobs with five separate companies during the 1990s.First of all it is difficult for nomads to gather at one place so important events are made to coincide.My first task was trying to acquire some reliable information about the nomads.The film follows the nomads as they cross the desert with their camels.Here the nomads water their flocks and the horses drink their fill when the tourists have dismounted.For now the nomads are surviving, but time most be short for them.The nomads were not converted overnight: they remained combative and unpredictable.The nomads were called Raika or Rabari and they herded camels and sometimes sheep.Like the Rhine it also marked a boundary for the Romans; beyond it - unknowable nomads!
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